Committed to an exceptional level of service that you will find is a cut above, this is the Gold Glove standard.

We have an extraordinary record of satisfying major corporate partners.  So, we are in high demand because we are uncompromising in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our staff consists of courteous, well-trained professionals with extensive work in the transportation and delivery service industry.

Vision Statement

To build a company that has at our core uncompromising commitment to service excellence and a brand that embodies are devotion to our customers, employees, partners and our community. To rely on the latest and best innovations and equipment to ensure the most positive experience with our company. To remember those in our community and to share our success by supporting them generously.

Ultimately, to improve upon the simple concept of transporting and delivering goods and providing logistical services by treating every relationship as if they were family – because you are.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to achieve excellence on a daily basis in our business and to hold true to an adoring level of spirituality and goodwill.

Further, to develop our employees and empower each to be their best and to ensure they have the resources to pursue their aspirations. We believe our employees are the key to driving our success with our partners and in our unwavering commitment to our community.